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Npc tsunayoshi smith


  • Tsunayoshi Smith
  • Solitus Schmied


  • Neutral
  • Unbekannte Organisation


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  • Jede Art von Schwerten, Knüppeln, und Staffs

Gespräch mit Tsunayoshi Smith Bearbeiten

Cirte: Hi.
Tsunayoshi Smith: What?
Cirte: I was just trying to be polite...
Tsunayoshi Smith: Hum, my fault I guess. Hello...

You kinda lose the need for all that superficial politeness when you've lived in the wild for some time.
I mean, there's no doubt we're looking at each other, and we both know you're only here to buy my weapons, don't we?

Cirte: I'd like to know some more details about your weapons.
Tsunayoshi Smith: You would, would you?

Well, I can tell you this:
I have made them all myself, well, except the designer stuff - I'm just keeping those in stock to help a friend, and he helps me - you know, business...
Not sure what more I can tell you, you surely wouldn't understand much about the soul of Rubi Ka and the spirit of things anyway...

Cirte: You've been alone out here long?
Tsunayoshi Smith: Well, quite a few years, in fact.

I know this area better than anyone else I guess - did research for Omni-Tek here when I was a zoologist and geologist.
Was almost impossible for me to end that contract, you know, but I pretended I was mad - that did the trick...
Maybe I didn't even pretend...

Cirte: I thought you were a smith?
Tsunayoshi Smith: Oh, yes - now I am, but my job with Omni-Tek kinda led me in this direction, you know, all those things I found out about the spirit of things - I mean...

What a waste it would have been not to try researching the possible technical uses of my finds...

Cirte: Spirit of things, you mean - that things have a soul?
Tsunayoshi Smith: In religious terms I guess it would be called 'animism' - and yeah, things have a soul... Or rather - things may have a soul least they may have on Rubi-Ka...

But I don't want to talk more about this - more detail and I'd be ruining my own business - some things better stay secret.
Say 'Goodbye', will you...

Cirte: Goodbye
Tsunayoshi Smith: Fare well. Tell them about my weapons, will you...

--Cirte 20:48, 3. Aug 2005 (CEST)

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