• Autor: Scheich
  • Status: Beta


  • automatic mob/player/pet-detection
  • automatic player-pet allocation
  • automatic channel-detection (org, raidbots)
  • a lot of petdamage-calculation types will be added
  • aggro-list (see right list) with player- and mob-highlighting
  • blacklist (players who attack forbidden mobs (eg pande))
  • chatalarm (org, ooc, vic, global, tells), never miss a tell again
  • colors and sounds are customizable
  • aggro-alarmsound
  • profile management
  • damage-graph
  • minimize to tray
  • docwindow with tank and nanomessages (not yet)
  • sk-counter for sk, xp, axp (and per hour)
  • lootlist with search-function
  • search-function for logfile
  • always-on-top function for windows
  • top10lists: tanks, damage
  • swear-sound when player dies
  • dump stats to a ingame-blob



  • Es gibt inzwischen öffentliche Downloads, einfach die Homepage besuchen



Patchnotes 1.2.74:

  • Added evasion calculation (self only)
  • Added misses
  • Corrected average damage (no criticals, no nanodamage, no specials)
  • Removed damage/reflectshield damage from weapon damage counter (its calculated in the overall damage)
  • Soundpack editor, you can simply share your soundpacks later
  • Ctrl+D opens a complete damagedealer-list (menu: tools)
  • Tanked critical damage added
  • Chatlog, search&filter functions in the next version
  • You can disable the logfile at C:\ now
  • Some little bugfixes and tweaks

Patchnotes 1.10:

  • Tool should start now without "file not found" error and hanging
  • Added "Reset damage/minute" button (not enabled yet)
  • Added damage/minute to the damage top 10 ingame blob
  • Pref-value "replace myself" is now shown correctly
  • Removed a bug: Dumper crashed when hitting "Start", "Cancel", "Start"
  • Removed stop-button-hang bug
  • When adding a new profile, the playername will be checked now. It MUST match your ingame name
  • Brawling, FastAttack and SneakAttack is now shown correctly

Patchnotes 1.09:

  • Corrected bug with nanobotdamage (DOTs)
  • Added "Damage by type" display
  • Removed reflect/damage shield bug
  • Added skillalert function, assign sounds for systemmessages
  • Added new start-window with several (saved) options
  • Creating backups of ini's before saving
  • Added damage/minute display (counting for a player begins with first hit)

Patchnotes 1.08:

  • Removed bug: Resetting data resetted known-mobs-list
  • You are now always visible in the playerlist
  • \Scripts folder is automatically created if it does not exist
  • Mission-progress is now also shown in single-missions
  • XP/Mob is now resetted when resetting the SK-counter
  • Remaining pool-XP is now shown in the SK-counter
  • Orgcities are now shown as zone
  • Added some mobs to mobs.txt
  • Ignoring petchannels, lootchannels, blogs etc for global chatalarm
  • Updated website a lot ;-)

Patchnotes 1.07:

  • Decreased used system-ressources rapidly! (enable LowPriority checkbox)
  • Removed "index out of bounds" when searching in empty playerlist
  • Added "show splashscreen at startup" to preferences
  • Added several known raidbots (DNW)
  • Changed design of detailed information (not flickering anymore)
  • You can disable the autoupdate now
  • Added tooltips to the damage overview

Patchnotes 1.06:

  • Removed some div-by-zero bugs
  • Window minimize fixed
  • Add profile now shown in taskbar
  • If Anarchy.exe is not located program shuts down properly
  • Last profile is saved now
  • Removed overflow at pet-damage calculation
  • Navigation via cursor in playerlist
  • Search in empty playerlist should not crash the tool anymore (DIDN'T WORK)
  • Resized main window a bit
  • Self weapondamage is now resetted

Patchnotes 1.05 (alpha release):

  • Dumping every 10 secs works
  • Removed a bug when pressing stop button
  • Added pet-stats in assignment window to verify pet-actions
  • If you click any player in the list, the data is automatically dumped. Show this with /player ingame
  • Improved design of playerdump - but it's crappy :P

Patchnotes 1.04a:

  • Corrected a lot of calculations (for other players, self pets)
  • You are now visible in the "other players" list

Patchnotes 1.04:

  • Added "Search Player" for detail-view
  • Corrected some buffer overflow-errors
  • Added more stats for each player

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